An Open Letter to Jeffrey Lurie

Dear Jeffrey Lurie,

The time is now, the fans in this city are starving. For too long have we been the laughing stock of the sports world. For too long have we been deprived of a championship in the Super Bowl era. Finally, for too long have we been forced to blindly root for the team that has, year after year, continued to do nothing but disappoint and cause heartache.

We, as Philadelphia Eagles fans, have gone for too long with out winning a Superbowl ring, a beloved Vince Lombardi trophy that many people are convinced will not be won in their life time. The time to win is now. You owe it to the fans after years of nothing short of passion, and support that we have shown to the team that we LOVE. It has been almost 60 years since this team’s last championship, yet year after year we are being forced to shell out money as if this team is a consistent contender. Enough is enough. I am tired of trying to convince other fans that NFL Championships carry the same weight as Super Bowl Championships, we both know they do not. I can not even enjoy a Cowboys postseason loss because at least they made it to play meaningful games in January, on second thought, yes i can.

We need an owner that shows he cares about the fans as much as he cares about the team. Do not act shocked when this city boos management when you allow Marcus Smith to be drafted in the first round, you are the owner, how could you let this happen under your watch. I have watched my Grandparents make it through their life time without witnessing a Lombardi trophy being won for this city (NFL championships from 60 years ago do not count!). I am afraid that the same may be for my parents, I am only 21, there is still hope for me, for my friends, all we ask for is just one.

This city is starved, we will remain restless until we get what we want. We will continue to stand behind this team no matter what, as much as it hurts. I will continue to bleed for my team, to fight for me team, to root for my team and to cry for my team. This is Philadelphia, and we fight.


Love Always,

Eagles Fans Everywhere



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