Best Bromance in Philadelphia

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past four months, you are probably aware of the bromance between Philadelphia’s favorite red head gunslinger and everyone’s favorite die hard Eagles fan. Not even TMZ knows how Carson Wentz and Mike Trout got connected with one another but what is important is that they did.

Trout should be on the Phillies and we even wrote a kick-ass piece on why it makes sense to trade for him especially with the youth and future of the squad. The bromance first started to really take off when Carson Wentz tweeted out a picture of the two hanging out right around Christmas Time.

Image result for carson wentz

“We just hung out and went hunting,” Wentz stated “Nothing real crazy. He’s a great guy, and it’s been cool getting to know him.”

Their friendship really made its way in to the public eye during the week 17 game against the hated Dallas Cowboys, Carson Wentz threw a touchdown and immediately grabbed the ball, ran to the opposite side of the end zone and gave it to Trout. This is the type of friendship everyone in the city has been rooting for, they are a power couple. Trentz? Marson? Okay, their power couple nickname is still a work in progress so I will work on that later. Who knows where this friendship will take them and what kind of neat activities they will do together. Maybe, Wentz can recruit Trout to play for this great city. The possibilities are endless!! We will keep you guys updated on new developments in the Marson Trentz bromance, stay tuned!

-Richie Wielgus












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