How Philly Teams Match-up in Todays World


With all the sources of information and controversy that surrounds just about everything you do anymore, I am interested to see how the city of Philadelphia matches up. To me, sports is life. You work hard, you plan for your opponent and at the end of the day you enjoy just being able to play the game. As a fan, it gives you entertainment and an identity. You cheer for your team whether they are doing well or not. No “fair weather” fans please. A good team is like a family because they support each other and everyone has a role.


My heart belongs with the Eagles. A major subject this year was the players sitting during the national anthem. My only statement on this is that the Eagles organization allowed their players to voice their opinions in a respectable way that everyone was left happy. Moving forward, Carson Wentz is the new face and I couldn’t be happier. There is something special about this guy and when he is given protection and offensive options there is no telling what he is capable of. Super Bowl next year, or the year after, or just hopefully before I die.


Flyers are battling it out and only 1 point out of playoffs last time I checked. Their 10 game winning streak is respectable and hopefully their success continues.


College basketball is always a thriller in the winter time in Philadelphia. My team is the Temple Owls but I love watching all of those battles. Villanova is the hottest team in the country right now looking to repeat their National Championship. They had a remarkable start and I wish the best to Coach Wright and his team.


Phillies have transitioned out of their 2008 World Champions team. I think they are on the right track with their current players and building farm system. It is winter and that is way too far away for me now though.


Then there is the 10, 9, 8, 76ers… I was watching the Toronto game the other night and was woken up from my old man slumber to a nice win. They looked intense and driven to win. Mr. Joel is a force to be reckon with as he looks like a man among boys. Their role players and team play is coming along. I haven’t been this excited about a player since AI.


There is something magical happening among all these teams and it is an exciting time. So my final words for now will be “TRUST THE PROCESS”.
-Sammy Carbone


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