Eagles Need the Perfect Draft

It may be only January but this is Philadelphia, and this is a football town. With the draft starting April 27th and ending the 29th, this is a very exciting time for this Philadelphia franchise. Having the draft in Philadelphia this year and the team being guaranteed a top 15 selection (a coin toss will determine whether it is 14 or 15), the pressure is on. At 15 (lets be real, since when does anything go our way) we should be promised a game changer whether the team decides to go offense and help out our young stud quarterback, or go defense and strengthen our struggling secondary, everything must go right.

This team has not had a solid draft since 2012 when this team managed to draft Fletcher Cox, Mychal Kendricks, Vinny Curry, Nick Foles, Brandon Boykin, and Bryce Brown all in one year. 2012 was preceded by the infamous Danny Watkins draft, which inevitably ran Andy Reid out of the town he called home for so long. Since 2012, the only draft worth mentioning is 2013 when the team drafted Lane Johnson, Zach Ertz, and Bennie Logan in the first three rounds. Due to Lane Johnson’s suspensions, and Zach Ertz’s inconsistency, it has been hard for me to be as high on that year as I want to be. I will give the team a pass on 2016 because you can not grade a draft after one season, though it does look promising. 2014-2015 are sights for sore eyes.Between those two years, the only players worth even talking about are Jordan Matthews, Nelson Agholor, and Jordan Hicks, two wide receivers who lack basic fundamentals of being a wide receiver and a stud linebacker who is way to good to us. Seriously, you are a wide receiver, your only job is to catch, at least Jordan Matthews catches more often than not. I do this thing where i like to pretend drafting Marcus Smith in the first round, in front of Deone Bucannon, Kelvin Benjamin and Derek Carr, did not happen, but it did, and it set us back. The media is still arguing about whether Howie or Chip drafted Marcus Smith and Chip doesn’t even work for this organization anymore. Do not forget Eric Rowe, the man the team gave up on after one season who was traded because Roseman was worried he would not be able to sign him to an extension in three years, he is thriving now.

My reason for optimism this year is simple: Joe Douglas. For those not completely familiar with him, he is the Eagles’ new Vice President of player personnel. Howie acknowledged that Douglas will have the power to set the draft board and make selections and Roseman’s only power is the absolute final say, not abnormal for a man of his position. Joe Douglas, formerly of the Bears and Ravens, is credited with convincing the Ravens to take a chance on eventual Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco. Just this past draft,  Douglas talked the Bears into drafting Jordan Howard in the 5th round, who was 2nd in rushing yards this season and looks to be in for a long productive career. It is nice finally having a football guy calling the shots in the war room.

The drafts have been abysmal for the past 5 years, but these next couple of years will be crucial. It pains me to say it, but this team needs to follow what the Cowboys did. The Cowboys drafted a franchise QB and RB in the same year and will give them the opportunity to grow together. We have our QB, now its time to surround him with some dynamic play-making ability. Here’s to another season of being forced to trust the Front Office.



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