Why the Phillies NEED to trade for Mike Trout

How many times have you heard…..Philadelphia is a perfect trade destination for this player?  0,1,2 times? For me its been never….until now.

Mike Trout is the best thing to happen to baseball in the last 20 years. Being able to watch this guy play from the beginning of his career to hopefully the end…you are watching GREATNESS. You hear stories of old baseball players as mythological creatures. Stories of Babe Ruth calling his shot, David Wells waking up from a bender to throw a no-hitter and my personal all time favorite, Joel Zumaya throwing a lime over a church 500′ away. Mike Trout is in this category, he could potentially go down as one of the best baseball players ever…and if you think Bryce Harper is better than Mike Trout? Let me know so I can kick you in your stupid face.

I do not follow or adhere to this new age bullshit of sabermetrics. I refuse to acknowledge it because you can put together any amount of statistics you want to prove your point. Baseball is the best sport in the world because you can not fake it. In the NBA you can argue that a superstar did not have the supporting cast to succeed. You can say the same in the NFL, Dan Marino without a defense and going on now…Carson Wentz with his cast of idiots at WR. In baseball its a beautiful thing….you either can hit..or you can’t…PERIOD.

Trout is on pace to put up historic numbers. Trout is 25 years and in 5 full seasons he has put up 168 HR’s/497 RBI’s/143 SB’s with a career BA of .306  If Trout plays another 10 years and baring any significant injuries Trout could easily go down as one of the top 5 greatest players in the history of the game. The problem is…he is wasting away in the dumpster that is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim organization. For Christs sake, the organization can’t even get their name right.

The Phillies are building their organization the RIGHT way. They have constructed one of if not the deepest farm systems in the Major Leagues and have CASH….and lots of it. The Phillies signed a massive television deal a couple of years ago and with a lower than normal payroll over the last couple years…the Phillies have cash and assets that not many other teams have. The Phillies are poised to build what the Chicago Cubs have RIGHT NOW.


Why this Works for the Angels

The Angels have made the playoffs one time in 7 years. They have been competitive but not good enough to be dangerous. It might be time for them to rebuild. They still owe Josh Hamilton money to play against them and they are stuck with the disastrous contracts of Albert Pujols and C.J Wilson. The Angels would at least have to listen to an offer for 3 Blue Chip prospects and 2 starters right?

Would something like Odubel Herrera,Jake Thompson, Dylan Cozens, Rhys Hoskins and Phillies 2017 first rounder work? (look at trade Braves/Diamondbacks for Danby Swanson)  I don’t think the Angels would accept this offer but it should at least get the Angels attention.

Why this Works for the Phillies

What the Phillies need desperately is a veteran SUPERSTAR. Over the next couple years this team will be sending up blue chip prospects to the big club. The problem the Phillies have is that they do not have much veteran leadership. These kids need a veteran to show them how to prepare, train and manager not only your mind but your body for a grueling 162 game season. This is the perfect situation for the kid who grew up in Millville, NJ

The Phillies have a promising pitching staff. Led by Vince Velasquez and Aaron Nola. They have offensive prospects in J.P Crawford (SS), Jorge Alfaro (C),Roman Quinn (OF), Rhys Hoskins (1B),Nick Williams(OF) and Dylan Cozens(OF) all are expected to see time with the Phillies in 2017.The Phillies can afford to trade two OF prospects because they still have their 2016 first round in Mickey Moniak with an ETA of 2019 and Nick Williams waiting in the wings. The Phillies can afford to add free agents with their cash they have saved over the years (Look at the money the Chicago Cubs spent on Jon Lester,John Lackey,Jason Heyward and Ben Zobrist)

My take on this is a little slanted and I acknowledge that. My take on prospects is to get rid of them at their highest point. Half of the prospects in today’s game fizzle out or do not reach their full potential. The Phillies have one of the best farm systems in the league…So trading some prospects for a gaurenteed Hall of Famer like Mike Trout makes sense right?

Man the thought of Joel Embiid, Ben Simmons, Carson Wentz and Mike Trout in the same city just seems like a dream…



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