Time for a Change

Steve mason, from the day we traded for him back in 2013, has been an absolute model of inconsistency. The frustrations that we, as fans, have endured while watching him play has got to come to an end, enough is enough. Mason has been doing just enough to get by, he will be absolutely lights-out for two weeks straight and then will be sub-par for the  following two weeks. He is nothing more than an average goalie who peaked as a rookie who can occasionally steal a game.

“He’s been unbelievable.” – Wayne Simmonds

Listen, I get it. He has the support of his teammates, he is a likeable guy off the ice, the defense in front of him is not the best, and no one posts a shirtless selfie holding a dog quite like he does. There are games where the defense is simply beaten all game long where not even vintage Bernie Parent could win it, but for this team to compete in a season like this, we need someone that can. This flyers team, as it stands, can most certainly make it in to the post season, and they can even win a couple games while they are at it, but this team can not win a cup unless Mase gets hot at the right time like the 2012 Giants.

Many people would call this season a success as long as we make the postseason, but the coaches want a cup, the players want a cup, the fans want a cup, I want a cup and more importantly, Philadelphia DESERVES a cup. Ron Hextall will have a tough task this season, Steve Mason is slated to be an unrestricted free agent, and management will have to decide if Mason is the best option, if Stolarz can be the guy, or if there is a better player in free agency (hopefully we learned from the Bryzgalov fiasco). I purposely avoided the suggestion of fixing the position through the draft because this team wants to win now, and drafting a goalie means he will not even be NHL ready for another 3-4 years and who knows what the team will look like then.

This position needs to be changed with urgency before the best years of Giroux, Simmonds, and Voracek are wasted. Hextall will only do what is best for this organization and will hopefully take the Flyers to the next level, do not forget, this is the same general manager that managed to trade Braydon Coburn for Radko Gudas, a first and a third, and in the same off season he fleeced the Bruins for a third round pick by dealing them Zac Rinaldo. I like our chances.



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