Finally: No QB Controversy

The Philadelphia Eagles’ off season is just over a couple of weeks old, and it is already much different from year’s past. Sports talk radio is not filled with Vick versus Kolb, Vick versus Foles and Bradford versus Wentz, in fact the quarterback situation was so poor that at one point we tried to convince ourselves that Mark Sanchez could lead this team to the post season. For the first time since Mcnabb, the most important position in sports is finally occupied by someone very capable, someone who can lead this team to the promised land.For the first time in a while, sports talk radio in this city is at least bearable, for the first time in a while, the entire city stands behind one man, our fearless leader: Mr. Carson Wentz.

Say what you will about Howie Roseman’s talent evaluation capabilities, he did a heck of a job unloading bad contracts and manipulating the draft order in such a way. The team originally held pick 13 and had to move into the top two to guarantee themselves a cornerstone QB, Roseman unloaded Maxwell and Alonso along with pick 13 to the Dolphins for their 8th overall, guaranteeing the chance to draft a potentially elite player. Roseman wasn’t done. Roseman immediately called the  Browns and had them on the phone with the intent to acquire the second overall pick and whichever QB the Rams passed on, no easy task. April 21 2016, the day Howie did the impossible, by shipping picks 8 overall, the third round selection (77), and a fourth round (100) in the 2016 draft as well as a first round pick in 2017 and a second round pick in 2018. A hefty price, 5 draft picks, to get the opportunity to draft a 23 year old quarterback from a small school and city. Roseman was not done. Perhaps the best move of the off season was not only going from 13 to 8 to 2, but probably finding a trade partner for Sam Bradford, trading Sammy Sleeves for a first round pick from the Vikings, was absolutely incredible. With having the draft in Philly next year, the Eagles better have a first round pick.

Most of the disdain towards Howie is absolutely justified, but truth of the matter is he appears to have learned from his year off being shunned by Chip Kelly. The team recognized a game changing quarterback in this draft and acted on it, this team finally has its answer and can now comfortably build the team around him.


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